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About Us:

For years we have talked about forming our own Firefighters Benevolent organization. This is a formal invitation asking our members to be apart of something great and help direct a brand new fraternal organization; The Broward County Firefighters Benevolent Fund (BCFBF).

My name is Pete Fauerbach and I worked along side many of you with Broward County Fire Rescue (BSOFR) for 31 years. Many of you know me from my time at Station 81 in Weston. I proudly served as your Vice President for this great Union for 22 years and have the privilege of holding the title Vice President Emeritus. I can’t tell you how proud and honored I am to be called your Vice President Emeritus, a true privilege.

Establishing a Benevolent fund was not easy, but we got the job done and now the real work begins recruiting members to join and actively participating in growing the organization. BCFBF was designed to allow anyone affiliated with us to join. Our goal is to include anyone who is active or retired, uniform or civilian that has an affiliation with the many great organizations tied to BSOFR throughout the years. BCFBF is an all-inclusive organization and plans to leave no one behind.

We will have a fellowship hall that is “ours” and is run by the members of this organization for the good of the people, old Fire Station 21. We have plans for remodeling and set-up. The bar is already in place their with 3 HD TV’s. We now have Direct TV along with the NFL ticket showing all the NFL football games on Sundays. Just call me and we can watch a game together, while catching up on old times and new issues.

Members are needed on several committees to further assist our organization grow. Currently I have plans to fill the following committees; Membership, Fundraising, Events, and Building Remodeling. If you have any interest in participating in these committees please contact me and I will put you to work.

Our mission is to take care of you when you need us. BCFBF will have regular meetings for the membership to make important decisions. Elections are planning for the early 2016 to put in place permanent Officers for the organization. Please consider joining BCFBF and participating on one of our committees. Dues will be collected via payroll deduction or annual membership fees (see application for details). Please don’t hesitate to call of email me if you have any questions.

I look forward to seeing all of you.



Pete Fauerbach, Director
1951 NE 48th Street
Pompano Beach, FL 33064
(954) 444-8114

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