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Emma is a 13-year-old unsung hero who takes care of her very ill mother in the Town of Pembroke Park. Due to her mother’s condition, Emma has assumed the responsibility of preparing their meals, cleaning and doing all the household chores, including grocery shopping, all while being a typical eighth-grade-student. But there is much more to Emma’s story and her journey has been a difficult one. Emma lost her father, and she and her mother became homeless for more than a year. Currently, Emma and her mom live in a small, one-bedroom apartment. Firefighters from Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue first met Emma and her mom while on a call at their apartment. Emma’s story touched the lives of the firefighters in such an enormous way that they realized additional help and support was critically needed. A firehouse collection was started, and the International Association of Fire Fighters Local 4321 chipped in. So did the Hollywood Target store. Now, the firefighters are taking it a step further by asking for your help by donating to Emma during these very difficult times. The Broward County Firefighters Benevolent Fund will ensure that 100 percent of money collected through this portal will go directly to Emma.

If you have any questions, or would like to donate goods or services, please contact Capt. Mike Bufalo at

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